Portrait Volunteers


Thank you for kindly volunteering to be a part of my portrait project!

The aim of this project is three-fold. Firstly: to give me experience collaborating with people to create pleasing portraits; secondly: to help build my portfolio (and yours, if you happen to model!); and lastly: to provide you with high-quality photographs that you’re happy with.

The Catch: You willingly allow me to use your portraits for my portfolio, with the intention of using them as marketing material (print and digital) to eventually generate future business for myself. In return, I willingly give you licence to use the final images for your own purposes, be it professional (print and digital), or personal (i.e. social media, prints), without my watermark. I kindly ask that you refrain from using filters or editing the final images – with the exception of cropping said images if you require – and to give me a cheeky mention on social media (‘@ptinworthphoto‘ on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) when we’re both happy with the results! If you have any questions or doubts about this, I’m more than happy to chat about it all with you! For the more cautious of you, I’m happy to create a model release with the appropriate ‘legalese’ for your peace of mind.

I should also mention that I am willing to travel a little bit, but only in South Wales (I am based in Cardiff), Bristol, and Gloucestershire. We can discuss that between ourselves, though!

Below you can find some samples of my previous work (excluding weddings, as I wish to focus more on portraiture). I’ve also created a Pinterest page with some modelling ideas I’ve seen. Please note, I’m more interested in the poses than the body-types shown!

I’m happy to talk about any aspect of the project at any stage, so if you have advice, an idea, or just good old enthusiasm, do feel free to share it with me!

When you’re ready to start, please click here to go to the booking form and enter ‘bookme‘ as the password.

Thank you so much!